Picking A Consumer Debt Relief Program

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru (November 30, 2008 12:43 am)

There is a growing number of companies offering consumer debt relief services and some of them are quite good at getting people to take control of their spending habits while helping them meet their existing financial obligations. However, there are also those that are in it for the money and many times provide little or […]

Credit Card Debt Statistics – All You Need to Recognize

In Credit Cards of CreditGuru (November 29, 2008 4:24 pm)

Looking at credit card debt statistics is one way that can you feel much better than before regarding to your debt problem. There is lots of information that you may need according to credit card debt. There is a credit card statistic that will show how well you’redoing on your credit card debt against the […]

Government Grants: A Viable Option for Debt Relief?

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru (November 28, 2008 6:13 pm)

There are many different ways for an individual to get out of serious debt.  Options include using personal loans, home equity loans, high-limit, low- interest credit cards, and debt consolidation services.  Taking advantage of government grants is another very interesting method with which debt can be diminished. Advertising on the Internet, television, and radio all […]

Identity Theft Prevention – The Greatest Shiled

In Identity Theft of CreditGuru ( 10:11 am)

Why should we execute identity theft prevention? Preventing is always better than curing, that is the answer. Remembre that even little clue you leave can lead to a terrible problem if picked up by the identity thief. That’s why, you have to some efforts for identity theft prevention. Identity Theft Prevention – Act Today, Now […]

The Credit Repair Organizations Act

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru (November 27, 2008 10:42 pm)

Credit repair is very popular. There are dozens of websites advertising credit repair services. If you are considering credit repair, you should know about a law called the Credit Repair Organization Act. This law prohibits credit repair companies from making false and misleading statements. Further, credit companies cannot receive payment before any promised service is […]

Useful Tips When Choosing Credit Cards

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru ( 10:22 pm)

credit card payments Business, student and rewards credit cards are available for a multitude of purposes. Choosing a credit card can be a very large task, but by going about it in a precise manner, you can choose a card that will be very beneficial to your needs. All credit card offers have perks and […]

Credit Report Issues – Your Knowledgebase

In Credit Score of CreditGuru ( 10:04 pm)

With the current worldwide financial climate being in such turmoil, credit for loads, credit cards, mortgages and other borrowings is becoming increasingly difficult to come back. But many people don’t realise the importance of a free credit report from one of the major credit reference agencies. Without knowing it, your credit report might be showing […]

What you need to know about credit card debt settlement

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru (November 26, 2008 6:51 pm)

Owning a credit card is comparable to gaining weight, it is easy to get but it is hard to lose. However, losing weight is recommended and so is getting rid of debt. What you need to do is to gear yourself with all the necessary conditions on hand so you would know the steps to […]

I’m Buried in Debt ? What Now?

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru ( 3:58 am)

Some people find themselves with way too much debt on their credit cards and not enough income to bring the balances down.  What can be done?  Here are some suggestions. * Start bringing in more money.  You might need to get a second job, or search for a better paying one.  There are also some […]

Make Monthly Payments Easier by Refinancing Student Loans

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru (November 25, 2008 12:24 am)

When people who have worked hard to complete their studies finally graduate college after four years or more of schooling, some of them find that they have, often unintentionally, gotten themselves into a much higher amount of debt that than had ever planned on doing as a result of borrowing money to pay for college […]

Helping you Make a “Get Out of Debt” Plan

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru ( 12:24 am)

If you’re faced with a great amount of debt, you likely want to get rid of it as quickly as you can. The cost of interest can really add up. As well, if you already have a lot of debt, it becomes difficult or even impossible to take on more debt for anything you really […]

15 Ways to Eliminate Your Debts

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru ( 12:24 am)

Although difficult to imagine, it is relatively easy to practice debt elimination methods, specially if you are committed enough to get rid of your debts.  The problem is that getting into debt is easy, while getting out of debt is relatively hard.  But with a little hard work and some discipline, you can once and […]

A Solid Debt Settlement Strategy Can Effectively Eliminate Most Of Your Debt.

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru (November 24, 2008 12:21 am)

If you find yourself in debt that you can’t afford to pay there is a way to help relieve some of that debt without bankruptcy. You can use debt settlement to help you get out of debt faster. The main idea behind debt settlement is to get your creditors to take less money than what […]

A Debt Control Plan is Just What You Need to Get Out of Debt

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru (November 23, 2008 2:10 am)

Take a close look at your life. Do you see a sea of debts in front of you: credit card bills, education loans, loans for cars, loans for goods, medical bills? If you do then you need to enroll yourself in a debt management program. Because most of these are unsecured loans and if not […]

Info on Credit Card Debt – Every Single Thing You Require to Know to Get Help in Debt Trouble

In Credit Cards of CreditGuru (November 22, 2008 9:06 pm)

Info on credit card debt is important to be on your hand if you are in problem regarding credit card debt. There are somemany your need. However, it can lead you into a deep problem when you realize that you cannot pay off the debt. Looking Online Everything can be found online currently. Certainly, info […]

Find Useful Tips – How To Check Credit Reports

In Credit Reporting of CreditGuru ( 9:02 pm)

If you are about to apply for a mortgage, loan, new credit card or any other form of credit, then you might have sensibly decided that it is time to get a free credit report. With loans so difficult to come by at present, this certainly is a good and welcome move and could potentially […]

Identity Theft Protection – How Can We Accomplish This?

In Identity Theft of CreditGuru ( 9:13 am)

It is probable for us to get identity theft protection? Of course, there is always a chance for identity theft protection eventhough the chances of being the next victim are pretty high. Take into account that prevention is always better than cure. So, you can do some of these efforts to shun identity theft. There […]

How To Pay Off Your Student Loan Quickly

In Credit Repair of CreditGuru (November 21, 2008 10:05 pm)

Student loans are a common debt for new graduates. The financial pressure can be daunting, especially when just starting out. Debt consolidation may be the key to financial freedom. Qualifying for consolidation assistance will depend on a number of factors. The type of student loan you have is just one. Government and private loans are […]

Improving Your Credit Score Rating – Free Guidebook

In Credit Score of CreditGuru ( 2:41 pm)

If you have been looking through your credit report and are about to apply for further credit, you might be wondering if it is possible to further improve your credit rating. The first step, if you haven’t already done it, is to apply for a credit report from one of the main credit reference agencies. […]

Five Reasons That You May Be Refused Finance

In Credit Score of CreditGuru ( 2:17 pm)

Being turned down for a credit card or a loan can come as a bit of a shock, especially as banks and credit cards have been slated recently for irresponsible lending and really pushing loans on everyone. However, as the credit crunch tightens its grip, banks are beginning to get a bit more fussy about […]

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